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we are a FORS Gold operator

ELB are delighted to announce that we have won the highly prestigious FORS Gold award

ELB are delighted to announce that we have won the highly prestigious FORS Gold award, we are the first Independent General Haulier in London to be awarded this and is a huge achievement for a Family Haulier and a testament to all the hard work put in by all of our staff.




G1 Maintain FORS silver

Maintain both their FORS bronze and silver certification.

G2 Promoting FORS standards

Provide evidence of actively promoting the FORS standards to their supply chain.

G3 Published case study

Produce and publish a case study that describes the progression from FORS registration to the attainment of gold and demonstrates the improvements against all performance indicators.

G4 Performance measurement

Make meaningful improvements against the FORS Silver baseline data in the following performance indicators:

  • Total fuel usage and by distances travelled
  • Transport related CO2 output and by distance travelled
  • Total incident and collision data and costs involving personal injury, vehicle or property damage
  • Total transport related fines and charges.

G5 Staff training

Ensure that all operational staff within the organisation undergo progressive training and continued professional development. This shall be linked to G4 and S6 in order to determine how this training has improved operations for the better and how this training could be improved upon or changed in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

G6 Fuels and emissions champion

Appoint individuals who are responsible for both the economic and
environmental sustainability of the business.

accreditation and progression

FORS is a method of recognising fleet operations which comply with the requirements of the FORS standard. The FORS standard is based upon lawfulness, safety, efficiency, and environmental protection. Fleet operator’s operations are audited against the requirements of the FORS Standard by an approved FORS certification body; a list of such organisations is available on the scheme administrator website.

FORS is a voluntary certification scheme aimed at ensuring that fleet operators work lawfully and to best practice as stated in the FORS standard. Specifiers (that is, those who either purchase or set the specification for fleet services) may ask their suppliers are FORS recognised. The standards cover:

  • Management
  • Drivers
  • Vehicles
  • Operations

To become FORS bronze accredited you must prove that you meet the criteria set out in the FORS standards and this is checked during a formal company audit carried out on your premises by an independent FORS auditor.

more information about FORS